The second stage of the construction of the boiler house in Dukovany

At the beginning of year 2019 the realization of the second stage of the project for the construction of the biomass boiler house and the heat distribution for the municipality of Dukovany were started.

Under this action  there is the boiler house extension, the installation of a second 1,5 MW wood biomass boiler and last but not least the installation of hot water distribution systems and installation of domestic heat transfer stations.  After the work is completed, the total output of the heating house in Dukovany will grow to 3.0 MW.

As in the first stage, the TTS Boilers company supplies the boiler for this project.

The company Dukovanská teplárenská s.r.o. has been operating the boiler house for the second year. Except about 60 households this boiler house heats for example  the local castle, residential houses, nursery school, fire department, local companies and a supermarket. By the realization of the second stage other 150 family houses and other buildings will be connected, so the municipality will be completely equipped with a district heating system.

The heating house will bring the significant savings and improved air quality for local residents because they use expensive electricity or non-organic coal here.

All work and supplies will be completed by the end of 2020.