The flue gases enter to the electrofilter by the system of partition walls. The separation of the dust particles occurs by passage of flue gases through a system of high voltage electrodes and settling electrodes (plates). By applying a negative high voltage of 30÷100 kV is formed between the high voltage electrodes and the grounded collection plates strong electric field, the dust particles contained in the passing flue gases acquire a negative charge and are attracted to positively charged collection plates. The dust particles released during their cleaning by mechanical rapping slip into the throat of electrofilter, which is provided with a screw conveyor and a rotary feeder for smooth bringing out of separated particles of dust.

The box of the part of electrofilter is provided with a massive insulation, in order to avoid local cooling of the flue gases, and subsequent condensation of water vapour or acids. The throat is electrically heated, the separated fly ash is taken into the ash container.


Temperature flue gas on output:               130-300°C

Guarantee emissions TZL on output:    <20 mg/Nm3