The VESKO-B boiler has a self-supporting, entirely welded box construction. The lower part of the boiler forms the furnace chamber with a slanted sliding grate. The grate is controlled by a hydraulic mechanism and is cooled by conditioned primary air. A pressurized section is placed on the furnace chamber. The boiler is furnished with thermal insulation and is covered by a steel sheet with a plastic cover.

1. Heated fuel input 2. Grate chamber, 3. Nozzles of the secondary air, 4. Whirl chamber, 5. burn out chamber, 6. Tubular exchanger, 7. Air fans, 8. Ash removal, 9. Fuel charging press

Examples of the determination:

VESKO-B boilers are designed for heating plants of a central heating supply. The conception of the VESKO-B makes it possible to manufacture a boiler having optimal parameters in accordance with the concrete requirements of the warm-water net, and that within the range of the parameters.

  • Constructional pressure 0,3 až 1,0 MPa
  • Working temerature 90 až 130 °C
  • steam boiler – work pressure max. 9 bar.

Types of fuel

The construction of the combustion chamber along with the use of fuel transport by hydraulic feeders makes it possible to burn
even less quality wood material produced during the wood processing in sawmills, lumbering or cultivating operations
in the forests (wood chips, sawdust, bark, shavings, wood clippings, peat ect.)

Transport of the fuel

are formed by a reliable system of hydraulic sliding floors (the fuel can include non-combustion admixtures – stones, sand, slag
and pieces of iron). The fuel is transported into the boiler by means of a hydraulic charging press. The fuel is pressed through
a heating tunnel (heating by hot water) and is preliminarily dried before coming to the burning grate.

Advantages of the concept

Main advanges of boilers Vesko-B:

  • high operational reliability without needs of shutdown
  • large through-flow capacity of the boiler and self- cleansing capability of the boiler
  • thanks to the possibility of combustion of less valuable wood fuels it is possible to produce the cheapest heat on the market
  • easy use (max. 2 hours operator / one worker per day)
  • perfect automatic operation, stepless power control, possibility of remote control of the boiler
  • environment-friendliness (the value of emission fumes is far lower than the allowed standard)
  • long lifetime, easy maintenance