Profile of company TTS boilers

Company TTS was founded at the beginning of 1993 (formerly NUCLEA) and its headquarter is in Třebíč. Within the ecological program we mainly deal with the development, production, assembly and servicing of industrial boilers and boiler houses for biomass combustion.

From the very beginning the company has been engaged in deliveries of partial technological units and operating files in the field of classical energy industry and heating industry. There are for example engineering components for nuclear and classic power plants, heating plants, screw conveyors, air heaters, containers for various materials, steel constructions, piping bridges, heat exchanger parts of steam and hot water boilers, exhaust ducts, pressure vessels or pipeline distribution.

The history of the biomass boiler began in 1997. In 2001, the development and construction were completed and subsequently the first wood-burning boiler VESKO-B was produced and put into operation. As at that time TTS was at the same time the operator of CZT (central heat supply) in Třebíč, the findings from the operation were gradually applied to the further development of the facility. The result is an automatic biomass boiler for wood biomass combustion, suitable especially for district heating plants CZT (central heat supply) and industrial plants with bigger heat consumption. The concept of the entire technological line and the design of the combustion chamber is focused on the maximum throughput and combustion of affordable wood fuel types with high moisture (up to 60%) and unstable fraction (random fuel pieces up to 50 cm long). VESKO-B boilers are currently produced in power ranges of 1 to 10 MW.

In connection with the development of Czech legislation and the introduction of support for the production of “green electricity”, TTS started to deal with biomass cogeneration in 2004. As a result, the ORC system was first installed, where wood biomass energy could be used to common heat and power generation. The integral part of the system is a wood burning boiler in thermo-oil version, type designation VESKO-T. In addition to cogeneration systems, this type of boilers can be used as a heat source for hot oil technology systems (woodworking, pressing machines, etc.).

The development and construction of straw combustion boiler with type designation of VESKO-S has brought the possibility of expansion of fuel base. It is produced in a power range of 2 to 5 MW and allows the burning of square straw bales (grain, rape, hay, flax, sorrel, etc.). The first boiler VESKO-S was put into operation in the autumn of 2006 in Třebíč.

In 2010, the company began to deal with device development to reduce emission limits and improve boiler efficiency. The requirement for the tightened emission limits was set by a new regulation, which has gradually begun to be compared with the limits of the European Union. In 2011, the first condensing flue gas exchanger with additional electrofilter was put into operation in Třebíč. The equipment additionally uses the combustion energy and is connected to wood biomass boiler. The unique product increases the efficiency of the boiler up to 95%, while at the same time it perfectly cleans flue gases with  limits of dust particles up to 20 mg / m3. The alternative solution for meeting currently valid emission limits of dust particles is the installation of fabric filters (for straw boilers) and the installation of electro-separators for wood biomass boilers.

Since 2001, when we produced the first biomass boiler, until today we can boast 60 installations of industrial boilers and other energy facilities. Installation can be seen in the Czech Republic, Slovakia or Ukraine. Nowadays TTS boilers are among the leading European producers of biomass boilers. The unique type VESKO-B boiler became besides others the holder of the high-quality defence trademark “SLOVAK GOLD” and in 2010 it  received the silver award of the Czech Building Academy for “Technology of the Year”.

Besides the supply of boilers we are able to realize  the complete reconstruction of the boiler plants, heat distribution and installation of the home delivery stations. Of course there is  construction of new turnkey resources ,  incl. providing project documentation.

Our main goal is to provide to customers the highest quality services and products for operational reliability, cost optimization and production optimization of affordable heat. At the same time we want to apply the TTS brand to other installations, especially on European markets.