The second boiler in Dukovany in operation

In March 2020, all assembly and construction work on the implementation of the second boiler for burning wood biomass at the central boiler room in the village of Dukovany was completed. As in the first stage, our company TTS boilers supplied the VESKO-B type boiler with an output of 1.5 MW, as the flue gas cleaning system is used an electrostatic precipitator. The second stage of the project continues with the heating of the rest of the village and the installation of home heat transfer stations. All work will be completed by the November 2020.

The heating plant has been operated by Dukovanská teplárenská for the third year in a row. In addition to 60 households, it now heats, for example, a castle, apartment buildings, a kindergarten, a fire station, local companies and a supermarket. The implementation of the second stage will connect another 150 family houses and other buildings, so the village will be completely heated by a district heating system.