In the town of Kysucké Nové Mesto, they increased the share of biomass use for heating

Another important customer for TTS boilers is the company KYSUCA s.r.o., which is the operator of DH system in Kysucké Nové Mesto, West Slovakia. A new boiler has been added to the existing wood biomass boiler, thanks to which more than 95% of the heat from the source is produced from renewable sources. The new biomass boiler type VESKO-B with a nominal output of 6 MW was put into operation in the autumn of 2019, part of the technology supply is a modern flue gas cleaning system using an electrostatic precipitator.

The technology was delivered as part of the project “Construction of an energy source for biomass and reconstruction of heat distribution pipe lines”.  with a comprehensive renovation of the central heat production and distribution system in Kysucké Nové Město. The original four-pipe distribution network with central hot water heating in heat exchanger stations was replaced by a modern two-pipe system of pre-insulated distribution. Thanks to this event, the energy efficiency and reliability of heat supply for the heating and hot water system has increased significantly.